9.77 Acres in Desert Edge, CA
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Located in Desert Edge California, just 7.5 Miles North East of Palm Springs Airport. This 9.77 acre Parcel is ideally located at the high traffic intersection of Dillon Rd. & Corkill Rd., positioned between Caliente Springs RV Resort & Oasis Hot Springs RV Resort.


Desert Edge, California
7.5 North East of Palm Springs Airport

Well Report


This Parcel has one Water Well, identifiable as the "Lucky 7" on local District Maps. The hottest water temperature recorded on this Well was 210oF. A report by John M. Dermengian and Richard E. Peterson of the University of Hawaii, August 1976, states that this Well is 331 feet in depth, and that at the middle aquifer the Well yielded 188 degree Fahrenheit water at 157-176 feet and 200+ degree water in the lower aquifer at 188-218 feet in depth.



A recent Well Report was completed by Sixkiller Well Drilling Company in November of 2016 which found the following information...


Sixkiller Drilling Well Report:

  • Well depth.......316 feet
  • Water level......66 feet
  • Water temp....184 degrees
  • Pump set..........210 feet
  • GPM....................50 constant for 1 hour
  • Draw down.....16 feet in one hour


Note: Water was clear at the start of pumping and continued to be clear through-out.


Sixkiller Drilling Inc.

Aerial Video

Fountain Of Youth

With a growing population and an increasing amount of year round residents, the Desert Edge area is a popular destination for RV enthusiasts seeking great weather, activities and the health benefits of Hot Mineral Water.


With an increasing amount of people choosing to spend more time here in the Coachella Valley, the damand for our High Quality Water has never been greater.


This Property yields the World's Best Water and was recently recognized World Wide as the Winner of the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition.


The Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, the world’s most prestigious, gave out awards to waters from three continents. Four continents had winners among 118 entered.


The municipal water category was a battle of California champions with the water judged best in the world for 2020 —




Mission Springs Water District, Desert Hot Springs, CA.

Link to Water Competition Website

Possible Use of this Property


Upscale RV Resort

Mineral Spa

Boutique Hotel Resort




Mixed Use Opportunity:


Gas Station


Hair Salon



Fast Food


Additional Information

Rons Log
March 11, 2008

Lucky 7 Well - Desert Edge, CA.

Some time ago Pat told me about the "Lucky 7 Well" which was supposed to be the very hottest hot water well drilled in this area. All we knew was that it had been somewhere in the hot water area along Dillon Road, probably near Long Canyon Road (we were told), and that the temperature had ranged from 190° to 200°(F). This morning Pat phoned me to say he had found the Lucky 7, so I put on some pants and drove out to meet him.


We found an old for sale sign on the site that had a phone number on it. Pat called, got the owner, found out he was very nearby, and was willing to allow us to visit him to find out more about the well. The current owner bought the site in the early 1970s. He showed us carbon copies of the original well driller's report from 1950. It was drilled by Bill Tarbutton, who had worked with L.W. Coffee to drill some of the original wells around Desert Hot Springs. He had drilled as deep as 330 feet and left almost 200 feet of pipe in the well. The water came up at 200°(F), making it certainly the hottest in the southwest.

Home of the "Lucky 7" Hot Water Well
One of the Hottest Mineral Water Wells in the World!


Geology of the Desert Hot Springs, Upper Coachella Valley Area

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